The bottom of a lake beside a small Canadian town is a strange place to wake up. That strangeness only increases for Larry Tanner as he finds that he has unnatural strength. That, coupled with the fact that he can’t remember anything from the past, convinces him that he is dreaming. Yet the more the young man learns, the more he discovers that his dream is instead a living nightmare—a nightmare consisting of a hellish past and supernatural minds invested in controlling him despite his best efforts to keep his strength a secret...

...but chances are if you read the back cover of my novel, you already knew all of that. You are here because you want something more...

If you have finished reading Freedom to Die, you probably have all sorts of questions, comments, and criticisms. If this is the case, I want to direct your attention to

That is the place where I’ll spend some time responding to various input I receive on the novel.

Perhaps you haven’t read the book yet.  What can you expect?

Action, excitement, humour, a unique perspective of the supernatural world.  There’s also a grocery store, of course.

People who have read my other material will not be surprised of the way I tackle big picture questions in this narrative.  Yes, it’s a Christian novel with a few Christian characters, but I believe whether or not you are a Christian, you will be find yourself being surprised by multiple parts of this novel.  After all, it’s a fiction novel written to entertain.

Also, a demon is one of the main characters.  That’s pretty cool, right?

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